Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Veg - Little Rock, AR

As a still relatively new vegan, I get excited when there's something new to try in town.  So when I saw a post looking for vegan cookie taste-testers?  Let's do this!!

The Veg is just getting rolling, but it will be the first fully vegan restaurant in Little Rock.  I looked over the menu on the website, and I'm pretty sure I want to try everything on it.  I'm absolutely down with the part about "pushing the limits of what is traditionally vegan," since that's what I try to do with my own cooking.  Vegan soul food?  Sign me up!

 ...Back to the cookies.  When I responded to owner Shiem Swift's request for taste testers, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I would've been happy with a few little cookies in a Ziplock bag.  What I got was a beautiful overall presentation: four individually wrapped and sealed bakery-style cookies in a heavy, labelled airtight jar.  Nice work!

I'm proud of my restraint.  The cookies actually made it all the way home!  By the time I actually tried them, the anticipation was off the charts.  I'm a fan of cookies, and I had high hopes for these.

 I wasn't disappointed.  I've had run-ins with vegan cookies that left a little to be desired.  Between you and me, I'm not a fan of the dried-out hockey pucks.  I want cookies to be cookies!  The cookies I received are the pecan chocolate chunk (as also seen on their website).  They aren't kidding about "chunks," either.  There's a lot of chocolate in these cookies!  The cookies themselves are large, moist, and chewy; everything a good cookie should be.  Shiem mentioned that there was a little sprinkle of turbinado sugar on top.  Nice touch!

As of this writing, the website still has the link up to get your own free cookies.  If you're in the Little Rock area, I'd recommend giving them a shot!  They were so good, I'm tempted to put on a hat and scarf and go back for seconds.  Ha!

I can't wait to find out more about The Veg.  I hope it opens soon, because I seriously can't wait to try the food.  Those cookies were a great introduction.  I love that for a non-major city, Little Rock has some pretty decent vegan options.  I wish Shiem all the success in the world with his new venture.


  1. Very cool - glad to have found your blog too btw. I'm also in LR & a blogger. Would love more veggie friendly restaurants around here.

  2. Exciting! I emailed them! Drew and I are always talking about how we need an all-vegan restaurant here. Very very cool!

  3. Actually, we've had one all vegan restaurant, but it is sadly gone now. It was called "From the Garden" and was a vegan soul food restaurant run by a fabulous woman named Gematya. I know I'm spelling that wrong. The food was EPIC. Vegan BBQ Seitan, smothered "steak," yams, greens, etc. They quit selling because they had TOO MUCH business and she couldn't handle it all by herself and didn't believe anyone else could do it right. She just got tired. I can't wait to try you guys! I may head down there tomorrow!

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  5. Will you be writing a new post about the veg now that they have opened?